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Apparel, women's top tanks, golf shirts, value t-shirts, boxer shorts, camisoles, hoodies, dog t-shirts, teddy bears, caps, visors, mugs, sweatshirts, tote bags, messenger bags, magnets

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    Asian Gourmet Recipes is a web site offering free local Asian recipes and has  dynamic pull down menu. You can order "Lor Bak" online here, a secret nonya recipe consisting of meat wrapped in bean curd skin.
    Tai Kheng Trading Sdn Bhd is a web site for a client from Penang. The site is designed to be SE friendly. This company sells towels, bags, t-shirts, souvenirs to hotels around Malaysia.
    Active Plus Employment Agency Sdn Bhd is a web site offering manpower management and other professional services in assisting Malaysian industrial sectors. They also specialize in the consultation and selection of skilled and non-skilled local and foreign workforce.
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