Frequently Asked Questions

- Can my Website/Flash Movie/Banner/Buttons be ordered and designed completely over the web? 
Yes! That is exactly what I do. Your order form is emailed to me who will create your Flash Movie/Banner/Buttons to the information you provide me (color, concept, content and usage). I will then email your Flash Movie/Banner/Button designs to your email address. You can preview your Flash Movie/Banner/Buttons/Website, and at the same time email revisions and suggestions, all without leaving your chair.

How do I receive my new Flash Movie/Banner/Buttons? 
I upload your order on the web and send you it's URL via email. You'll see it with just one click.

Can I use my Flash Movie/Banner/Buttons as soon as I receive it? 
Yes! When you receive the file, it is ready to use.

How long before I receive my new Flash Movie/Banner/Buttons? 
Preliminary designs usually take two days. Once revisions have been made, final Flash movie/Banner/Button designs are emailed, usually the same day that your approval is given. Of course these times are averaged, since every job is different. Please budget 2-3 days of time from confirmation to delivery. 

I am from another country. Is this a problem? 
No. I have designed Flash Movies/Banners/Websites for clients in US, Europe and Asia.

What do I consider when ordering a Flash Movie/Banner/Buttons/Customised Website? 
Just email to

Are there additional charges for revisions?
No. Most Banner companies only include a certain number of revisions. I will keep revising your Flash Movie/Banner/Buttons/Customised Website until you are completely satisfied at no extra charge!

What if I don't like my Flash Movie/Banner/Buttons?
Some orders are approved on the first draft, most others take several drafts to nail down the exact design you are looking for. Although my customised design return rate is less than one in a hundred, however, if you feel the design is not going to work for you after several drafts, I offer a "No Hassle" 100% Money Back Guarantee and will issue an immediate full refund.

- How many visitors are able to see Flash movies?
From statistics of the latest 100,000 visitors analysed, only 51 of them (0.05%) have old browsers which do not support Flash.

To order your custom designed website/Flash movie/banner/buttons, please email

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